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Counting Sheep History

Most people know the Serta Counting Sheep through their appearances in television commercials. Maybe you’ve even seen the popular Serta Counting Sheep plush toys in stores or on sale to collectors on eBay. But do you know how the Serta Counting Sheep came into being? 

In the Beginning… Way back in 2000, an advertising executive was trying to sleep after a long day at the office. His lumpy old mattress buckled and sank beneath him, and he groaned, “Why have I put off getting a Serta?” Resigning himself to a sleepless night, he made a last-ditch effort to fall asleep and began counting sheep. As #71 made its graceful arc over the wooden fence the executive knew so well, something occurred to him. When I get my new Serta Mattress, he thought, these sheep are gonna be out of business! And just like that, the idea of the Serta Counting Sheep was born. 

The Search Begins 

The next morning, the advertising executive approached Serta with his Serta Counting Sheep concept. “We’ll make ’em stars!” he said, “We just gotta find the right sheep for the job!” Serta loved the idea, and a worldwide search for the Serta Counting Sheep was launched. 

The Perfect Sheep 

After months of fruitless auditions, the agency grew weary of the idea. “Who knew sheep could be so bland!” they complained. “Aren’t there any sheep in the world with any personality?” they asked. And in the style of a television sitcom, in walked a future Serta Counting Sheep. “What’s up?” bleated #1, standing front and center with his flock. “You the people looking for some sheep?” The agency executives looked at each other, then back at the sheep. “When can you start?” they asked. 

Sheep Stars Are Born The rest is history. Television, print ads, worldwide notoriety…the Serta Counting Sheep are everywhere. The ad agency and Aardman Animation turned a flock of unknown cud-chewing fence-jumpers into superstars. Why, they’ve even been inducted into the 2008 Madison Avenue Walk of Fame as Advertising Icons of the Year!