What are the signs of a sleeping disorder?

Signs you’re suffering from a sleeping disorder

You’re staring at the blinking red numbers on the alarm clock again. 2.46am it says. Great, you think. Here we go again. Staring at the alarm clock at 2.46am can be a common occurrence for many of us. Maybe we’re We all find it hard to get to sleep from time to time. From stressing about issues at work or issues at home or with family, it’s not an uncommon occurrence.

However, if you’re struggling to fall or stay asleep on a regular basis and it’s starting to affect your everyday life, you may be suffering from a sleeping disorder.

A frustrating cycle of no sleep and tiredness

Consistently finding it hard to get to sleep can be an extremely frustrating and exhausting experience. If you have a terrible sleep, it can leave you feeling really tired in the morning leading to a dire lack of energy throughout the day.

The worst thing is knowing that you’re going to go through this all over again, because no matter how tired you are before you go to bed, you still have trouble getting to sleep or remaining asleep! And then the cycle of staring at the blinking red numbers starts all over again, taking a big toll on your mood, ability to handle stress, how efficient you are (at doing anything) and your overall amount of energy to simply deal with life.

Don’t ignore a sleeping disorder

The problem is, how are you supposed to know when your sleeping problem goes from ‘she’ll be right’ to ‘nah mate, I think you should see the doctor?'

Ignoring your sleeping issues can unfortunately lead to a host of problems. Gaining weight, straining your relationship with your partner or friends, difficulty remembering things, impacting your job performance and damaging your overall mental and physical health are just some of the things a constant lack of sleep can do. Getting a quality night’s sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.

Signs and symptoms:

To help you assess your situation, we’ve put together some signs and symptoms that you could be suffering from a sleeping disorder. If you think you exhibit any of the below most, if not every day, it may be time to see your GP.

  • Irritable or sleepy during the day
  • Wake up feeling exhausted
  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Snoring
  • Falling asleep or sleepy at the wheel
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Being told that you look tired
  • Slow reactions
  • Trouble controlling emotions
  • Feel the need to take regular naps
  • Need for caffeinated drinks
  • Although it may seem daunting to address the issue if you’ve suffered for so long, you can learn to overcome it! By improving your daily habits and nighttime routines, as well as visiting your GP or sleep specialist, you will (more likely than not) be able to identify the reasons for your sleeping problem and find a way to bring back your zest for life.

    A great way to start this process is making sure you have a good, supportive bed. Take a look at the Serta Sleep Selector to find out what bed is perfect for you.

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